Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Review of the movie "The Martian"

The martian is a story about an astronaut who went on a mission to mars with the rest of his crew. However a storm hit them and they had to abort their mission.

While trying to leave mars, they could not find him and he was assumed dead. The rest of his crew left without him. Unfortunately after the storm, he was still alive and left to fend for himself on a lonely planet.

I held my breath most of the time, its a very intelligent movie and shows that when a person is in a difficult situation, you can either accept defeat or fight to rise back again.

I would definitely recommend this movie and would give it a rating of 8.5 out of 10.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Lol, This guy is a Drama queen!

So before i purchase my perfumes, i like to do my research and mostly on youtube.  cant seem to get enough of Jeremy fragrance on youtube.

He can make you buy shit! he is just amazing and cute too. shhhhhh



You would agree with me that the best wallpapers make your phone look pretty and also lightens your mood each time you look at it.

I can't seem to get over this very cute cat I have as my wallpaper. It's Eva cute and comes in my favorite color purple.

I got this on an app called wallpapers on App Store.

Debras grace review

Shopping is one of my hubbies and sure makes me excited when I know am embarking on a shopping trip.

I got to hear and know about Debras grace on Instagram, so I took a trip to their store and here is what I thought.

And she is back!

Tiwa savage shared this beautiful picture of her self in a fringe skirt and white crop top.

She looks so trim and cute for someone who just had a baby. 

See more photos of her. #postpregnancy goals. 

DIY frozen smoothies

I love smoothies because not only do they serve as drinks but they are so healthy and replace sodas in my diet.If you are a working person who wakes up at 4.30 am to prepare for work then this should come in handy.

Note: When preparing these as frozen packs, you will include everything in a bag except the milk and/or ice. The milk and ice need to be added at the time you blend it to help out with the consistency. so lets begin. This post is inspired by:

Remember Eva Longoria's daughter in desperate housewives? She is all grown up now!

Credit: Toofab.

Eva Longoria's daughter in the popular TV series "Desperate housewives" is all grown up!