Friday, 23 October 2015

Debras grace review

Shopping is one of my hubbies and sure makes me excited when I know am embarking on a shopping trip.

I got to hear and know about Debras grace on Instagram, so I took a trip to their store and here is what I thought.

Ambience- The store has a cool and relaxed atmosphere to it, there is no pressure put on you while shopping, which I love.

Customer service- I always look out for a good customer experience whenever I walk into a store or office and I was not disappointed this time.

The sales personnel are nice and attend to your inquiries professionally.

Quality items: At Debras grace, the key to having all you want is to visit the stores as soon as there are new stock. I noticed that my size is sold out in a snap if I delay.

What thrills me the most is the very affordable prices of these items. 

They stock good quality clothes, shoes, purses and accessories at pocket friendly prices.

Also I love that you can shop for work outfits which are not boring or old lady looking.

Visit their Instagram page for more details  


  1. love these guys too, been there a couple of times.

  2. sometimes you have to try out different sizes before you find the right fit

  3. please where are they located?