Friday, 23 October 2015

DIY frozen smoothies

I love smoothies because not only do they serve as drinks but they are so healthy and replace sodas in my diet.If you are a working person who wakes up at 4.30 am to prepare for work then this should come in handy.

Note: When preparing these as frozen packs, you will include everything in a bag except the milk and/or ice. The milk and ice need to be added at the time you blend it to help out with the consistency. so lets begin. This post is inspired by:

 Step 1: Begin with your recipes. Have a list of recipes planned out for the week. These recipes you can get from the internet, pinterest or any food channel or blog.  

Step 2: Label your zip locks with each smoothie you intend to make.Zip locks are pretty easy to get, just ask around in your local stores and supermarkets.

Step 3: Go grocery shopping. Take a trip to the market and purchase all fruits and ingredients needed to make your smoothie.

Step 4: Gather all of the ingredients for each recipe and stuff each bag with the desired items.

And voila, you have your smoothies ready to be blended and taken to work.Hope you enjoy this as much as i did. XOXO.

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